10 Reasons to Attend Costa Rica Yoga & Chanting Retreat on New Year’s Eve

by Isabelle on November 14, 2013

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Lea Longo & Isabelle Du Soleil Costa Rica New Year Retreat

10 Great Reasons why you should come on our Yoga & Chant Retreat!

Many people today are continuously running around endlessly( including me sometimes but less now) doing this, and finishing that “TO DO” list. We are just operating on a sub-conscious level and routine- based life.

When I get a glimpse of the present moment ( which happens very often with yoga and chanting daily), I’ve realized that it is time to take a good break and breathe.

It makes me happier.  While we don’t need any real reason to take a good break, like going on a yoga retreat, I’ve compiled 10 reasonswhy you should.  www.yogachantingretreat.com

1-     Recharge your Batteries: Sometimes we just need to relax and recharge our batteries. Get away and just lounge around by pool, relax and do nothing. The result is that you will feel better when you return and probably more efficient. Detach, Detach Detach…

2-Relax from Daily Routine: Break the routine, get out ! Do something new, see places, come experience a different yoga class. Come Chant. It will make you appreciate life better when you break out of that boring day to day routine. A change of ideas brings new ideas.Costa Rica Sanctuary New Year Retreat

3-   Do Yoga, And Come Sing and Use your voice !  A little yoga can not hurt, especially if you are always sitting on a desk. This will help your body’s flexibility and breathing, and it’s a great mental healer too. Our yoga retreat has daily classes and daily meditation chanting classes that are somewhat easy and for all levels. Come Chant with me !

Sanctuary at 2 rivers Yoga pagoda
4-Re-focus on your future: Notice how motivated you are after a vacation with fresh new ideas? It helps you focus on what is important to you and your life and assess your strategies better if you got off track along the way. Plus a great way to start the New year!

5-Be happy, change of Attitude: A change of attitude is always good. If you’re happy the people around you will probably be happy too. And Chanting will make you happy… Guaranteed !

6-Eat well (organic): Most retreat centers offer organic and healthy meals which are just very good for you, overall. Your body will de-stress and heal better with the healthy, good foods you give it.

7- Tranquility : Get some mental Peace and Quiet. Finally, the only thing you need to hear is nature, beautiful ocean or rivers, trees, AH !!!!  Reconnect with the essence of you, the spiritual.

8-Connect with Nature: It is beautiful to connect with nature because you connect with yourself, and your soul. It is truly rewarding when you take time to breathe and relax  with nature.

9-Get to Know Yourself Better:  A retreat is the perfect time to get to feel your true self and get to realize what is important to you, and how you’ve changed throughout the years. Things that mattered to you before probably don’t matter anymore. It’s good to realize the change within us and celebrate this. Tranformation begins on a Retreat ! Yes !

10- Celebrate the NEW YEAR with NEW Goals and Plan your next retreat: By the end of your retreat week, you’ll want to plan your next yoga retreat because you enjoyed it so much. You will feel refreshed and youthful. And it is a great way to start the New Year, refreshed with new goals, and attitude… With a Bang !

What are you waiting for ?  

Join  Lea Longo and Dr Isabelle Du Soleil at the Sanctuary at 2 Rivers

DEC 29- Jan 4, 2014  (6 nights- 7 days) 

Early Bird Price : 1890$/person   Couple Package : 1790$/per person (airfare and taxes not included)

REGISTER your Spot !   CONTACT US AT 310-390-5250 OR EMAIL US AT info@isabelledusoleil.com 
Full Details at : www.yogachantingretreat.com

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