Are the Yoga Teachings Relevant to our Life Today?

by Isabelle on December 6, 2011

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Some people have asked, “Well, this is very interesting and nice but all of this Yoga is really ancient and doesn’t apply to our lives today, our urban & industrialized lives”. The classical teachings of Patanjali are so releveant to our times. They  constitute  a major reference sacred text, considered as the seminal classical teachings of Yoga and written as sutras or aphorisms. Patanjali was an incredible sage living around 2,000 years ago, at a time when the Yoga teachings had become very scattered & diluted. He was the one who brought all the teachings back together, condensing them into short & concise  aphorisms transmitted from teachers to students/disciples. Those wisdom teachings are like pearls of wisdom- golden nuggets of the Classical Yoga philosophy.

Why are those tools that are ancient so relevant to you, to all of us today? 

Because those techniques are so universal. Those approaches allow us through the practice of Yoga in the West to really reconnect to our body, our physical body because we are disconnected from the five elements, from nature, in the way we live. We are very much disconnected from our bodies if we sit for eight hours in a chair and lot of people do unfortunately. Yoga is so relevant for our century because those tools are invaluable for our evolution. They provide us with a road map to recondition and balance our nervous system, to harness the powers of our mind, to balance our psyche and to nourish our soul. Regular practice of the Yoga, breathing, meditation and energetic practices will accelerate our inner and outer transformation as as an individual and as a world community.


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