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1. What is Yoga?

Yoga is a 5,000- 7,000 year old tradition which originated in India. Yoga is a vast and comprehensive system. It can be defined as an art, a science, a philosophy,  a spirituality and a living approach. Yoga integrates the body/ mind, breath and spirit as  a whole.

2- Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion. As Yoga is a spiritual tradition, you do not need to believe in anything.You do not need to give up any faith whether christianity, judaism, islam, Jainism, hinduism, buddhism…in order to practice Yoga. It is a philosophy and a spirituality. The actual experience in your yoga. breathing and meditation practice will  allow you to center your mind and go deeper within. Through the focus of the mind within the body and onto the breath, you will find peace within. This inner feeling will uncover the inner spark of your soul made of joy and bliss.

3- Is Yoga for everyone at all ages?

Yes, anyone can practice Yoga as early as kids to later years of our life. It can be adapted to anyone’s level and specific needs from absolute beginners to advanced athletes.
Even someone who is ill or immobile will benefit from Yoga breathing and visualization. Energy follows thoughts.

4- What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga is an amazing life transforming discipline that will give you:
1- Flexibility, strength and energy on the physical level,
2- Inner focus, centering and peace on the mental level,
3- A sense of purpose, joy and happiness in your life
4- A deep connection to your creative and divine Self as well as to the essence of life.

5- What are the goals of Yoga?

Yoga ‘s goals are 3 fold according to Patanjali, one of the greatest sages (2nd to 4th century BC):
1- Tapas: Purification of the body and mind
2- Svadhya: Self study and understanding of our mind’s distortion of reality allowing for the understanding of our true nature.
3- Surrender and offering of our actions to the divine.

6- How long will it take for me to become familiar with the Yoga flow sequences?

It usually takes a few weeks to become familiar with the postures, movement flows and breathing/ meditations. It is an easy and very enjoyable process.

7- Is meditation for me if my mind is always active?

Yes, meditation is highly recommended to anyone and particularly if your mind is very active like a monkey mind. The process of meditation will allow you to slow down and empty the content of the mind.
Step 1:
Start first with a few moments of relaxed awareness under the shower  feeling the water on your skin or as you eat your breakfast in the morning.
Step 2:
Then take a few minutes either seated upright in a cross legged position or lying down on your back and follow your breath with the rise and the fall of the abdomen.
Step 3:
Repeat step1 & 2 and pause for one hundredth of a second at the end of your exhale right before your new inhale. Relax in this infinite space between 2 breath.

8- Is Yoga for me if I am very stiff?

No worries, Yoga is a journey allowing you to open your and stretch your body/mind in  a gradual way inviting a deeper nostril breathing, awareness and relaxation. Yoga practice will surprise you as it is a yin and yan approach cultivating strength and flexibility in a balanced way.

9- Will I learn how to breath with Yoga?

We do not need to “learn how to breath”. Look at babies and animals breathing is the most natural and easy thing in the world. Yoga will allow you to release and relax any contractions and tensions  that may block your natural breath particularly in the belly, diaphragm, floating ribs and upper chest. You will develop and cultivate a feeling of inner space and freedom over time. Your lung’s capacity will enhance and you will feel good and  relax.

10- What do we do in a Yoga Flow retreat?

Our Energetic Vinyasa Flow (TM) Yoga retreats are life transforming adventures in the world with guaranteed 100% fun and playfulness. It is a unique opportunity for you to deepen your Yoga practice and explore the world.
We start our day with a delicious fresh breakfast followed by our 2.5hours of Energetic Vinyasa Flow (TM) Yoga. Then we have a gourmet lunch. Most afternoons are free for deep healing massages, relaxation, swimming  and hiking. We have a 1.5 hours rejuvenative Yoga flow practice before our gourmet dinner. We end our day outdoor with our 1-hour nature’s 5 elements meditation. Most retreats last 7 days and 7 nights. Occasionally, it is a weekend retreat.