How to Find Balance in a Chaotic World?

by Isabelle on December 12, 2011

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The secret is “riding the waves”; any surfer or yogi would answer us.

The Sri Vidya Yoga teachings remind us:

“All that is happening is waves rising and falling neither meaningful, nor inauspicious”.

This truth applies, whether we are talking about waves of external events or waves of emotions. Daniel Odier, one of my spiritual Tantra teachers, invites us to truly taste, touch and become one with life. I mean our daily life as it unfolds in our relationships, as it moves us in a pleasing or unsettling way. The Tantra wisdom tells us to embrace our feelings, emotions and desires as they arise within us, not to deny them nor push them away. Yes, we are always so willing to bury our head in the sand and pretend that our inner conflicts do not exist.  If you feel angry, feel it and ride the emotional wave within as if you were riding a tiger, Explore the sensations and feel the burn while you observe yourself at the same time.  Complete the emotional rollercoaster until you touch the core of your being, you will return to the original state of inner balance.

An emotion is energy in motion. Riding the emotional waves allow us to transform or rather transmute the raw emotion into powerful life energy. We then become more alive and aware. We are ready to explore new territories and stretch our boundaries.

We speak of living in the flow. But what is the flow? It is as a continuous and fluid progression or sequence of moments, events or feelings creating an inherent order. We feel as if time has stretched or suspended. There is a sense of ease and enjoyment as if we had become part of the cosmic dance of life called “lila in Sanskrit. We experience this playfulness and fulfillment at times in sports, games, art and in our hobbies.

How can we recreate it at will?

1- First, acknowledge change and fluxes as a constant.

2- Become open and flexible in your mind and body. Practice dance, Yoga or any martial arts.

3- Find your life’s purpose and take the smallest step or action towards it that will have the greatest impact on your life.

4- Set up your goals and directions then sail with life’s currents.

5- Cultivate presence in every moment with a relaxed awareness.

6- See the underlying beauty in every one and everything.

7- Ride the waves of your obstacles, challenges and successes with equanimity.


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