What is Yoga Tantra Flow?

by Isabelle on December 20, 2011

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An Introduction to Yoga Tantra Flow

‘Where the Sacred Meets the Everyday’ – let’s face it, who doesn’t need more of that right now?  Isabelle Du Soleil, Yoga teacher and tantrika shares more about ‘Yoga Tantra Flow’.

Does Yoga + Tantra = Sex?  Read on!

‘Tantra’ is certainly one of the most misunderstood Yoga traditions in the West.  It is a powerful tool for our times.  It is a field that I started to explore 20 years ago.  Tantra is practiced by householders living in the world, for people who do not renounce life.  It is for those who choose to ride the wave of life’s constant currents and challenges, for those who show up day after day and who wish to learn to flow through change; stable, yet flexible, open and fulfilled.  In Sanskrit, ‘Tan’ means ‘to stretch ‘and ‘Tra’ means ‘beyond’.

Tantra works with energy: Prana (the sustaining life force) and Kundalini Shakti (the evolutionary and creative snake-like power) which permeates all life.  Our body is seen as a sacred temple where Kundalini Shakti lies dormant, waiting to awakened.  This is a slow and gradual process where our consciousness rises, transforming our life’s perceptions, understanding and experiences.

The most striking effect on me is an inherent feeling of freedom with a sense of infinite possibilities.   One of Tantra’s premises is that “everything is possible”.  I feel more alive and vibrant.  It also helped me face and overcome many obstacles and heartbreaks, including the passing of my beloved mother 6 years ago.  Over the years, it has given me a road map for transformation.

What is Tantra?

Tantra Yoga is a 5000-7000 year old vast field of yoga wisdom, science, art and techniques.  The ‘Maithuna ritual’ or spiritual love-making branch represents about 0.1% of Tantra teachings totality.  Maithuna rituals aim at experiencing oneness and bliss between the individual and the universal through the worship of Shakti.

There are many other Tantric paths emphasizing oneness and bliss between the individual and the universal.  The universe is regarded as the divine play of Shakti (feminine, dynamic and creative principle of existence) and Shiva (masculine static form of the divine or pure, undifferentiated consciousness).  Tantra’s teachings describe the universe’s creation as a sacred dance.  There is no separation between the mundane and the sacred/spiritual world.  As energy follows thoughts, we aim at mastering our mind to master our energy.  Quantum physics mirrors Tantra in that it identifies a pulsating living force.  This Spanda or primordial vibration correlates to quantum physic’s description of the electron constantly flickering in and out of existence.

What is ‘Yoga Tantra Flow’?

Yoga Tantra Flow is an embodiment of Tantra’s energetic practices through vinyasa flow and meditation.  It is a dance where Tantra meets Vinyasa Flow yoga.  Some of the energetic practices include breathing or pranayama, bandhas or energy seals, kriyas or energy consciousness movement, mantras and sacred sounds, visualizations, purifications and meditations.

How can I experience Yoga Tantra?

There are 2 easy ways:

- In living in such a way where relationships are the catalysts and revealers of our karmic and dharmic patterns.  We can see our shortcomings and resistances.

- In awareness of the spine in Yoga Tantra practices.  By turning our attention there, we awaken, activate and balance our energy and psyche.  It is recommended to work with an experienced teacher.

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